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SPIRIT TREE EAU DE PARFUM (EDP) 60 ml Perfume Spray - Gardenia, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Soft Woods blend, Orange Blossom, Magnolia *REFORMULATED 2020*

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SPIRIT TREE 60 ml Eau de Parfum Spray
Gardenia, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Soft Woods blend, Orange Blossom, Magnolia

A haunting medley of low-country white florals paired with the smoothest sun-warmed woods accord and a bold dose of vanilla. Spirit Tree focuses primarily on gardenia, jasmine and vanilla with very subtle supporting floral notes of orange blossom and magnolia. The main detectable flowers are gardenia and jasmine. A heavy blast of white florals hanging on the air in the low country on a humid night at the height of summer pairs with the creamiest vanilla that smooths out any rough edges and leads towards the warmest base of woods. The most detectable wood is sustainable sandalwood essential oil paired with very light cedar (Virginia and Texas Hill cedarwood, which are actually varieties of juniper). After the initial bold opening, the scent settles pretty quickly and becomes an ethereal sweet floral wrapped in the coziest wood accord. The gardenia in this blend is different than the interpretation in our Flowers Nocturnal and White Feather perfumes, which focus on natural gardenia only. The accord in Spirit Tree contains pure and precious gardenia absolute paired with a variety of aromachems and a few other naturals to created an elegant aroma that works beautifully with the woods and vanilla. This scent is sweet, floral, woody, airy, humid and warm. The natural gardenia has a light trace of spice.

Spirit Tree was offered in our catalog many years ago but this interpretation, while similar, is quite different than the original. If you like the sweet and creamy floral combo in our Nightgown perfume and you also enjoy sandalwood and other warm golden wood notes, you may like Spirit Tree. The florals are different but have a similar boldness to how Nightgown opens on initial application. The floral notes are strongest on initial application of Spirit Tree but settle down to meld within the vanilla and woods so the scent is not as heady as it may sound, beyond initial application.

INGREDIENTS: Undenatured organic cane sugar alcohol, Parfum (Fragrance and/or Essential oil(s) as indicated on listing).

Product Information and Warnings: Keep out of reach of children.  Keep away from open flame as alcohol is flammable. It is not recommended to spray perfume on fine silk clothing.  Alcohol is a solvent.  Avoid dispersing on furniture. Spray perfumes in a well ventilated area.  As with all products, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Avoid spraying perfumes in a drafty area (such as directly under or in front of a fan) as mist may get into eyes. For best results, apply to moisturized skin. This is one technique you may use to increase the longevity of any perfume in your collection, especially alcohol based ones which may be slightly drying to skin.



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