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OWL CREEK ALEWORKS PERFUME OIL 5 ml - Toffee Pudding, Vanilla, Caramel, Toasted Coconut & Hazelnut, Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout *Reformulated 2/2020*

PRICE: $19.50
Sticky English Toffee Pudding, Blackburn's Parlor Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel, Toasted Coconut & Hazelnut, Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout

*REFORMULATED 2020* This version is very similar to the original but is a bit spicier. Owl Creek Aleworks offers a delicious twist on English sticky toffee pudding. Toffee pudding consists of moist cake filled with sticky caramel-like chopped dates, smothered with a decadent toffee sauce. Owl Creek Aleworks serves theirs paired with locally made vanilla ice cream from Blackburn's Parlor topped with toasted coconut and crushed hazelnuts. Wash it down with a tall glass of Owl Creeks' Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout, made with pumpkin's from Gunnerson's Pumpkin Patch!

Owl Creek Aleworks opens with a combination of spices, toasted hazelnut, toffee and caramelly-dates when first applied. Toasted coconut, vanilla ice cream and a bit of gooey cake come forward after a few minutes to meld with the hazelnut and toffee notes. Sweet malt with a touch of spice and sugared pumpkin weaves in and out through the aforementioned notes to represent the Sugared Pumpkin Cream Stout. The stout portion of this fragrance does not smell like actual beer or alcohol but rather the sweet malt and raw ingredients that go together prior to fermentation. This gourmand blend has a very autumnal scent representing the color brown: dark stout, sticky toffee sauce, toasted hazelnut and coconut, thick malt and brown cake studded with dates.

The hazelnut fades and the dry down features toffee, toasted coconut, cake, pumpkin cream stout and a hint of caramel. Owl Creek Aleworks does not morph tremendously from initial application.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).


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