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AMBER COEUR PERFUME OIL 5 ml - Pure glowing amber. Resinous, sweet, slightly smoky.

PRICE: $20.00
AMBER COEUR 5ml Perfume Oil
Pure glowing amber

Amber Coeur is a warm, radiating, glowing amber of the sun. It is a balanced accord that is resinous, sweet and slightly smoky (the natural smoky nature of labdanum. A resinous smoky, not campfire smoke). It is perfect for those looking for just a pure amber that can stand alone or be layered with other perfumes in your collection. The cozy glowing halo of amber is great for the winter but not too heavy to be enjoyed all year round. Amber Coeur differs from our Estate Amber EDP exclusive (should be restocked toward the end of the month) which contains a different amber accord paired with Estate Vanilla, coriander and cardamom. You may enjoy one more than the other or like one and not care for the other as they are different takes on amber. Both have a warm, diffusive golden amber scent but Amber Coeur is a bit warmer. Imagine more of a river of melted, sticky, vibrant orange resinous amber with a sweetness rounding off any sharp edges. It is an easygoing scent that is not challenging or overly complex though it is layered and nuanced, not a flat amber.

The EDP version contains an energetic essence of Baltic amber chips (like those pictured. Does not affect the scent). We use different ambers in many of our perfumes (we use more than one amber just like we use more than one vanilla) but wanted to offer a pure focused amber scent for people who just want that note without additional components.

Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Fragrance (may include essential oils).


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