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8oz. Dead Sea Salt Milk Bath

Allergen information: this perfume contains seaweed absolute. Avoid if you have an iodine allergy. 

Gulf Breeze was offered years ago. This fragrance has been re-imagined and reformulated, though smells similar to the original version. The beachy aquatic scent of sand, saltwater, wind, seashells, wind blown sea oats, soft ambergris and a distant storm fast approaching. It is a crisp, clean, fresh, salty and refreshing aquatic fragrance. Imagine standing on a dock as a storm is about to roll in, the air is thick with energy and as the sky turns gray, you are splashed with salty spray from the gulf. It opens with a briny saltwater and touch of roasted sea shells, similar to Sea of Gray but not quite as heavy on the seaweed. The atmosphere begins with a sunny day at the beach, though a solid slate-gray sky is not far off.  

DEAD SEA SALT - This salt is a potent powerhouse of minerals that can assist with increasing circulation, preventing water retention (calcium), combating stress (Magnesium), relieving muscle stiffness (bromides) and so much more.

EPSOM SALTS - Helps to reduce inflammation, ease pain and relieve stress (due to the Magnesium Sulfate being absorbed into the body via the bath, replenishing the magnesium in the body). It helps to draw out toxins, neutralize odors, soften skin...and the list goes on.

BAKING SODA - Water softener. Helps to keep salts free flowing (anti-caking).

Hot baths not only help to ease your muscle tension, de-stress from today's hectic lifestyles, meditate and unwind, but they can also be rejuvenating, skin nourishing and detoxifying experiences. Baths have long been used for all of these reasons, along with healing and medicinal uses.

With the Dead Sea Salt Milk Bath, you can indulge and reap the benefits of these nourishing ingredients.

DIRECTIONS - Add desired amount to bath under hot running water. Relax, soak, revive and enjoy as a daily renewing ritual. 8oz. jar by volume. Enough for 2-3 baths, depending on the scent strength you like.

INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea Salt (Coarse & Fine), Epsom Salt, Pink Salt, Tapioca Starch, Baking Soda, Fragrance and/or Essential Oil(s) as indicated on label.

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